TSCA Background
Tasmanian School Canteen Association

What is the T.S.C.A.?

The Tasmanian School Canteen Association Inc. (TSCA) was formed in 1994 "to promote and facilitate the provision of a nutritious and healthy food service in Tasmanian school canteens".  The T.S.C.A. is a non government organisation that receives project funding jointly from the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Service and the Department of Education.

  • The T.S.C.A. offers ongoing support and education to school communities of government and non government schools in the areas of canteen foods, policy, links to the curriculum, marketing and promotion, financial management and food safety and hygiene.
  • The T.S.C.A works in partnership with health and education agencies, local government, parent bodies, other non government organisations and the food industry.
  • The T.S.C.A. offers ongoing food education and support, workshops and seminars to canteen managers and school communities.

TSCA Mission Statement

To promote and facilitate the provision of a nutritious and healthy food service in school canteens.

Objectives of the TSCA

  • To provide advice and support to school communities on the operation of school canteens.
  • To assist school canteens to provide food consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  • To encourage school canteens to support the nutrition education curriculum in their schools.
  • To provide nutrition information and resources to school canteens.
  • To establish a set of recommendations for use in school canteens throughout Tasmania, the basis of which shall be good nutrition, and safe, hygienic food preparation (Canteen Accreditation Program).
  • To liaise with food producers to ensure a supply of healthy food choices to school canteens.
  • To liaise with Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure that the Departments policies are consistent with the Tasmanian School Canteen Association directions.
  • To encourage all school canteens to become members of the TSCA.
  • To encourage members to gain training and or qualifications appropriate to the management of a school canteen.
  • To perform all other tasks to achieve the above objectives of the TSCA.

What can TSCA offer its members?

The Tasmanian School Canteen Association can provide support in the following ways.

  • Assists with the CAP (Canteen Accreditation Program)
  • Provides current resource materials
  • Produces regular registered product updates
  • Provide product nutrition information
  • Produces a newsletter that is distributed each Term to all Tasmanian schools
  • Provides links between the food industry and school canteens
  • Provides support networks
  • Organises food expos and workshops
  • Offers information on financial management issues

The T.S.C.A. is a member of the Tasmanian inter departmental School Canteen Advisory Committee. This Committee is the policy body for school canteens in Tasmania and is responsible for developing the Tasmanian School Canteen Handbook - guidelines for healthy canteens. This document is available on the Department of Education's website This external link opens in a new window and provides the guidelines for the T.S.C.A.'s Canteens Accreditation Program (see Projects.)

This initiative is funded by:

  • the Tasmanian Government through the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education;
  • the Australian and Tasmanian Government, as a joint initiative under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.
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TSCA Background
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